RFID E-Seal for Export Container

Using the latest Products and cutting edge technology, we bring to you a solution to Seal & Track Shipping Containers using RFID Tags.

Approximately, there are 16 million containers in the world that travel miles and carry tonnes of products both in value and weight. We have the solution for efficiently Sealing & Tracking those containers content from any device all over the world.

Awesome features

Modern interface

With multiple interfaces and unparalled bandwidth, accuracy and speed is never an issue.

Easy to use

The UI is designed keeping in my mind the end user, who will be independent in using the software anywhere.

Free updates

With the Rules & Regulations constantly updating, we will cater to your growing needs with free updates.

Convert any smart phone using the RFD8500 Sled. Thus giving you the ulitmate power to access the data through your smart phone.

A cost effective solution with greater compliance as per the industry pre-requisites.

Android application
Apple iOs
Windows version
Desktop version

Devices Compatibility

Need more advanced features?

Contact Us directly for a Tailor made solution catering only to your personal needs.